Why there’s no rush on baby #2

Now that Kenny is 1.5 years old, we’re at that point where people are asking “When are you and Joey planning another one?”, “Omg are you pregnant??” “Think you’ll have another one by this summer?”

The answer is no, not anytime soon. The truth is as much as I love being a mom to Kenny, I’m not ready for another right now. Ever since I had Kenny, my life has changed drastically good and not to great. I became a stay at home mom, losing my title as a “boss” in the corporate world, less late nights out, less spontaneous trips to Paris for a long week, less time for myself, less time with girlfriends. I’ve just begun to get a grasp of this new role as a mom and I feel that if I had another one just to have that 2 year age gap, it wouldn’t be right. I’ve felt a lot of pressure because of that “ideal” 2 year age gap but I say f***k what’s “ideal” and do what’s right for your own mental health and what’s right for your family.

I want to enjoy this time with my son and as a family. We’re just beginning to be able to go to more places without having to worry about bottles and blow outs. We’re soaking in this fun age where Kenny is starting to communicate and can run around and have fun. We want to do more overnight trips and overseas trips as a family. I want to embrace this time I have with Kenny.

I feel as though I need this time to recharge before having another baby. To gain some sanity and feel a little more like my old self. Of course there’s always the unplanned, if it happens, it happens. But let me clarify, I am in no rush. Im happy and as a family we are happy just the way our family is currently.

Speaking of family trips..We are currently planning our next big trip so stay tuned !

If you have any questions or want to share your personal experience with different age gaps. Comment below or DM me on Insta

Xx Emily