Our First Family Photos

I was never one to be “into” family photos. Most of the ones I’ve seen seemed staged, not authentic, didn’t capture them in a way their friends and family saw them and it just didn’t feel like Joey and I go get our pics taken and feel not like ourselves. That was how I felt until a friend of mine shared her family pictures and I fell in love with how candid they were and the lighting was gorgeous. The style just really fit my personality. I showed my husband and even he said let’s get a date set up for our fam pictures.

The photographer we used is Victoria Veneziano and she is amazing. She was so great with our entire family, including my 1 year old and our dog. Nothing makes me more happier than a professional who is great with both my babies. Booking with her was simple. We picked a date, she helped us pick a location, she even helped us pick out outfits that would appear best in photos and she was super efficient when working with our son to get great pictures. She even knew the secret to keeping him semi still, MOANA SOUNDTRACK. She captured our family just how we are, chasing each other, making Kenny laugh and loving on our dog. I can’t wait for our next photo session with her!

Xx Emily