Finishing 2018 strong

It’s December 2nd and somehow it feels like it was summer the other day. Time is going by so fast since I’ve become a mom and it’s bitter sweet. I hate how fast time goes by with Kenny but also enjoy watching him grow and learn. As I sit and reflect on the last 11 months and think of how I started this 2018 year. I think of how many goals and intentions I set for myself. Part of me gets disappointed that I didn’t stick to a strict paleo diet or that I didn’t go to bed earlier every night. But I am proud of getting small projects done around the house, taking a family trip to NH, enjoy a lot of outside time with Kenny, making new mom friends at a time where I felt so lonely and a big one, beginning and sticking to a fitness regimen.

Too often we start thinking about the new resolutions we want to set for the new year and a lot of people start giving up on their goals at this point in the year, telling themselves “I’ll start in the new year.” I’m taking a different approach this year.

I have 29 days left in this year. With those 29 days I tend to fulfill any goals that I can achieve and to see how I can start setting intentions in preparation for the new year. I’m not giving up on this year yet. I want to do a handful of activities with Kenny and as a family, I still want to try to go to bed earlier and wake up before Kenny to get stuff done, I still want to keep up with my BBG fitness routine and I want to continue to make new friends in my community and create strong relationships with those people.

How do you plan on ending this year? How can you start prepping and practicing for those new goals you’re thinking of for 2019?

Feel free to share your goals in the comments 🙂

Xx Emily