Wine O’Clock

A big thank you Ninety Plus Cellars for sponsoring this post

I know I’m not the only one out there who asks themselves “what time is it appropriate to have a glass of wine?” I say, it depends on how the day has been. If you have a toddler on a nap strike or had more than 5 temper tantrums and its only 3pm, I say go for it. Having a glass of wine after a loooong day is a moment of wellness for me. Go ahead judge me if you want, but if you have children and/or are a stay at home mom, I know you feel me on this. Theres nothing like curling up on the couch, feet up with a glass of wine.

Lucky for us we have our go to wine store down the street from our house where we can buy a bottle of our favorite red. Joey and I love to experience new wines constantly. We aren’t picky when it comes to red or white. I am however totally guilty of choosing wines sometimes based on the packaging.. Ninety Plus Cellars definitely gets my vote for look and taste.

Ninety Plus Cellars has made it even easier to get your hands on their wine by shopping online through their site . Its FREE shipping on order of 24 bottles or more and only $9 flat rate shipping for 6 bottles. Their wines are super affordable and they have a great variety of red, white, rose and bubbly.

If none of the above has convinced you yet…well they have a WINE CLUB ! And not just any wine club, they have a quarterly wine club and a sparkling wine club. Now how much do you love Ninety Plus Cellars? So if you love a good bubbly, the sparkling wine club would be a great option and/or if you love a good variety, the quarterly would be perfect for you.

What Im Drinking Now

Leave a comment below with your  favorite kind of wine! I love learning about what others enjoy drinking.

Xx Emily