Snow Day Cocktails using Wild Moon Liqueurs

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Looking for a few unique and easy cocktail ideas for this snow day? I am sharing with you 3 different cocktails you can make with Wild Moon Liqueurs 

Sparkling Rose

1oz rose liqueur

4oz sparkling wine

Combine in flute and garnish with skinny lemon or orange peel

Lavender Martini

1oz vodka

1/2 oz lavender liqueur

1/2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine and shake with ice, pour into martini glass, garnish with dried lavender

Birch Beer Cocktail

1oz gin

1oz birch liqueur

4oz  birch beer

1 whole lemon squeezed

Combine gin, liqueur, lemon juice and shake with ice. Strain into glass and pour in birch beer


Happy Snow Day!


Xx Emily