Creative QT Stuff n Sit

*Thank you Creative QT for sponsoring this post

Raise your hand if you enjoy children’s play items that functions as storage/organization. Creative QT is quickly becoming many parents favorite product across the country for that very reason. They have created products that are super functional (play and storage) and can keep your little one entertained for long periods of time (WIN!)

We tested out the Creative QT Stuff ‘n Sit which can store stuff animals, pillows, blankets and function as a bean bag. The material and the zipper is SUPER durable and the Stuff n Sit is even machine washable! We received the XL size which can fit up to 90 stuffed animals. We stuffed ours with 2 queen comforters and there was still more room to store stuffed animals that were lying around the playroom.

The Stuff n Sit has 3 sizes to choose from: standard, large and extra large. They also have a large selection of prints and colors to choose from. We got the grey stripe. It’s the perfect gift, and you will be forever loved by the parent of the child you gift the stuff n sit to because you helped declutter their space.

Make sure you check out their website and Instagram @creativeqt to see their other fun products they have! Stay tuned for a giveaway I will be launching in January!

Xx Emily