Roll Up Digital Piano by PicassoTiles

Thank you PicassoTiles for sponsoring this post

If you know me, I’m all about functionality and the look of products. This roll-up digital piano definitely fits the criteria. It’s perfect for a traveling toy, quiet time toy, independent play and functions as a music education toy.

The piano has a setting where you can record what you play and also has 8 different tones. You also have the option to use batteries to operate the piano or plug it in the wall. You can adjust the volume (thank goodness..) and the best feature is that this  has a plug in for headphones.

I played the piano for 11 years so I was really happy to see Kenny enjoying himself playing his new digital piano . I think music education at a young age is super important and useful for brain development. Kenny has a collection of musical instruments in his play room: violin, xylophone, ukulele and now his digital piano that he LOVES. I love watching him learn the different sounds the keys on his piano make. He gets so excited listening to the piano play back the recording of the keys he was just playing.

One of my favorite things about PicassoTiles is that their products can be purchased on Amazon! (yay for Prime shipping!) You can get your Roll-Up Piano in time for Christmas by clicking here.

Xx Emily