Decluttering your phone

If you’re like me, you love taking a zillion photos of your kid(s), food, dog, random things throughout the day. But it can really clog up your phone which causes it to act up and be VERY slow. So I wanted to share with you a few tips on how you can free up some storage.

TIP: one of the first things I check on my iphone is the storage and see what can be deleted or cleaned out

-if you are NOT a podcast person what so ever, delete ‘podcasts’ app on your phone – you will free up so much space ( I love podcasts so it stays in my phone )

-delete apps you don’t use and don’t find useful

-track data usage

-delete songs

-clear out call, text, browser history

-delete notes or reminders in the notes and reminder app

-delete contacts

-delete the deleted photos folder to make sure you’re actually making room

-delete photos (I deleted 8,000 photos…you heard right, 8000!!!)

-delete emails no longer needed (this should take you until 2025..jk)


Hope this helps you to have some more room for all the champagne pics this New Years Eve! 

Xx Emily