Clean Air with The Pure Company

*Thank you The Pure Company for sponsoring this post

As many of you know, my New Year’s goal is to create a safer, non-toxic space for my family and myself. The Pure Company’s Portable Air Purifier has been the perfect addition to our home to help us achieve our goal. I plug it in in whichever room I’m in, whether it’s in the kitchen when I’m cooking, playroom when I’m playing with Kenny or by my bedside for when I sleep. The purifier eliminates odors in the kitchen which helps to keep the space feeling fresh and clean.

With it being the winter months, a lot of people are getting sick. I am determined to do my best NOT to get sick this winter. Being sick with a toddler is such a challenge so I have definitely been very consistent with using the Portable Air Purifier to help eliminate germs that are circulating in the air.

I’ve been adding a few drops of these essential oil blends onto the Aromatherapy Pads to add a nice aroma while using the purifier. My favorite one to use while I’m in the kitchen is Clarity because it adds a clean aroma after I’ve cooking.

I’ve noticed a big difference in the air quality of our bedroom the first day I began using the purifier. Our bedroom used to feel really stuffy but now I can breathe and sleep comfortably and Joey agrees too.

Portable Air Purifier  features:

  • filterless
  • eliminates odors, allergies and pollution
  • lightweight
  • super quiet
  • one button for on/off
  • comes with drawstring bag to carry in


I am a huge fan of essential oils and was excited to see that The Pure Company incorporates essential oils with their air purification systems. There are so many benefits to using essential oils. Whether its for headaches, nausea or trouble sleeping, essential oils can be really beneficial in those problematic areas. Being able to use an air purifier and essential oils together helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

ONE of my personal favorites essential oil (I really love them all!) is Tea Tree:


Be sure to check out some great bundle deals they have! You can shop their products by clicking here

And for those of you whose goal is to create a healthier non-toxic home, I HIGHLY suggest getting your home an air purifier (especially to help fight off any germs this winter)!


Xx Emily