Meet Flamingo

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Finally, a shaving brand thats designed for women!

Ever wonder why there are so many male shaving kits, shaving products and even a store just for shaving that’s targeted toward men? I have.

I grew up with seeing the same shaving commercials over and over again. The “new” Venus razor that has 3,4 or 5 blades. But it was the same recycled commercial that was aired on tv. It was nothing new. As women we become robotic when it comes to buying our shaving products, we buy the same razor/cartridge and shaving cream year after year. We’ve never had luxury shaving kits geared toward females, no luxury razors and cool carriers to store them in. We usually have to go to the travel bins at Target to get a travel size shaving cream which is mediocre quality, half the time they only carry men’s shaving creams anyways. That’s where Flamingo comes in.

Flamingo takes shaving to the next level. They offer luxury razors, waxing kits for both face and body, shave gel, body lotion and a shaving set that comes in a fun carrier pouch. All of these luxury products are offered at a very affordable price point.

Their razors are extremely high quality. They have a nice weight to them, different color options to choose from, detailed rose gold on the razors, 5 blades and have a very sleek look. The shave set comes with body lotion to help keep skin smooth and soft, an extra cartridge, razor, razor holder for the shower and travel shave gel. It’s everything you need for on the go/traveling.

If you’re not familiar with at home waxing kits, Flamingo waxing kits are super easy to use. They include all the details and directions in the kits. Their website offers a waxing guide and tips as well. Click here for more info on waxing.

I know with these winter months, especially for those of us who are in colder climates, it’s easy to go into ‘no shave hibernation’. It’s a New Year, put yourself first! Give yourself some self care, don’t stay hairy (I know it can be easy..). Make one of your New Year goals to treat yourself or create a ‘Self care Sunday’ ritual where you pamper yourself every Sunday. Whether it’s for waxing or shaving products, be sure to check out Flamingo for all your shaving necessities. And don’t forget to spread the word of this amazing female shaving brand!

Xx Emily