I can’t always run the show

You know the saying “moms don’t get sick days.” Well I’m here to tell you that that is part true and part false. Last week I was the sickest I have been in YEARS. I was getting sicker by the hour and eventually had to have Joey come home early from work. I couldn’t get out of bed and just laid there. I was physically exhausted but mentally felt like I HAD TO KEEP GOING. Ive been known to do that, just constantly be on the move, doing things, fixing things, cleaning things. But last week I just couldn’t physically do it.

Joey took Kenny for the rest of the day, I laid in bed trying to rest but I couldn’t. I was thinking about the laundry that had to be done, phone calls that had to be made, cleaning that had to be done, disinfecting that had to be done, activities for Kenny, meal prepping and making that needed to be done, the list goes on. But after a couple hours of laying in bed trying to figure out how i was going to accomplish all of those things while being so sick, I finally threw my hands up and said forget it. I need to trust Joey that he can hold the fort down. So, I put on ‘You’ on Netflix and binge watched, flipped through some pages of a book and laid in bed with my dog.

I would be lying to you if I said it was relaxing, cause it definitely was not relaxing. I felt forced to stay in bed, being useless because my body just didnt have the energy. But you know what? Later that night when I finally had the energy to come downstairs, the ktichen was spotless, Kenny was well taken care of and fed, laundry was being washed-folded and put away, toys were all put away, the house was spotless. I felt a sense of relief after looking around the house because Joey proved to me that he can in fact handle things that I take on daily.

Its an instinct and second nature how us stay at home moms act. We sometimes become controlling of everyday tasks and duties because it becomes our ‘job’ to do the household and childcare thing. But I learned after being sick, that I cant always run the show. I need to let go of how controlling I get and know that it cant always be done EXACTLY how I do it and when I do it but know that in the end it WILL get done.

Moms, learn from my recent experience. When you are sick, take care of yourself, rest. You need to get better for yourself, your family and your kids. Let go of any worry or stress you may have, tell your spouse or partner what you’re worried about and I can almost assure you that they will take care of what you are worrying about. Remember, it may not get done HOW you do it or WHEN you do it. But it WILL get done. Rest, when they tell you to rest, even if that means just laying in bed closing your eyes. Its a rare occasion that you get to do this so just REST.

Now I get it, not everyone is lucky enough to have their spouse come home to help you when you are extremely sick. Utilize a sitter, a friend, a family member, anyone who is able to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask because you need to get better so that you can continue being the bad ass mom that you are.

Leave a comment with your personal experience of when you have had to ask for help in the past or how you cope with letting others take over tasks that you normally are in charge of

Xx Emily