Jan: New Years Goals check in

Okay so I’m sure many of you have either been crushing your New Years goals, still getting the hang of things, haven’t done a thing with their goals or just don’t set goals.

I gave my self a lot of micro goals instead of a lot of large goals this year. However, the New Year didn’t start off as planned. Kenny had a virus that had me working around the clock taking care of him, living off of coffee, no energy to exercise and little sleep. After he got over a virus, I was out of commission for a solid week with a horrible cold. I didn’t exercise, eat, hardly drank water cause it hurt to. During that, Kenny got a cold as well. So needless to say this week has been a catch up week since the New Year. But instead of getting discouraged that I haven’t crushed my goals this month, I’m looking at it as a reflection month and intention setting month.

What do I mean by that?

I saw how I could do things differently to achieve my goals. I felt the consequences of what it’s like not achieving my goals (go to bed early, wake up early to exercise) I have set intentions for this week and moving forward now that my family and I are healthy (knock of wood.)

One of my biggest goals this year is to start practicing less screen time (yes, including insta.) I am working on a schedule that allows me to give Kenny my full attention with my phone around as well as find time to batch work so I can get as much work done on my phone and computer when Kenny is not around. I’ve caught him just staring at me while I’m on my phone it literally kills me. So I’m setting my self boundaries and limits for healthy amounts of “screen time.”

One thing I’ve been able to accomplish on my goals are small projects I’ve completed around the house such as the foyer/main entry way.

(Complete update pic coming soon)

Another goal I’ve been able to accomplish is giving Kenny more experiences vs things. Joey and I took Kenny to his first hockey game this week and he LOVED it. We also have taken him skating a couple times already and had so much fun. (Were clearly pushing this whole hockey thing early on 😉)

My strategy for making up for the last few weeks I haven’t been able to work on my goals:

-utilize social media as a check in to hold myself accountable and hoping to encourage and motivate others

-share my tips and tricks on how I accomplish goals

-perfecting my daily schedule so I can successfully go to bed early and wake up early to exercise before Kenny gets up

Thanks for reading my life update!

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Xx Emily