Catching more Z’s with Felix Gray

*Thank you Felix Gray for sponsoring this post

Guys, I started using computer glasses and my life is forever changed.

When I first heard about computer glasses a couple years ago, I thought it was just a trend or just flat out fake. Then I had the opportunity to try Felix Gray computer glasses and I now am 100% team  computer glasses. I have been wearing my Nash Felix Gray glasses for a couple weeks now and I have way less headaches and less sore eyes from looking at my computer and phone screen all day.

Before I starting wearing computer glasses I was having a very difficult time sleeping at night, experienced a lot of headaches and sore eyes from being on my phone or using my computer. Now I know some people would say “then you need to be on your phone or computer less” – thats easier said than done. My side job is to be on my phone and computer blogging and networking, so unless I wanted to give that up I needed to find another option.

When my glasses arrived, I put them on and instantly fell in love with the Nash style that I chose. I got mine in Whiskey Tortoise so they are both functional and stylish. I wear them everyday, especially later in the evening/before bed to ensure I get good sleep (and it works!)

Quick facts on Felix Gray computer glasses:

  • filters blue light (blue light causes eye strain, head aches and messes with your sleep)
  • they have a anti-reflecting coat to help eliminate glare
  • you can get their glasses in Rx and readers as well

How to choose the right fit:

Their website has a fit guide which is super helpful. It contains all the measurements, and face shape suggestions for each style. If you receive your glasses and they aren’t the perfect fit, you can exchange them with no problem. Did I mention they have free shipping and returns? WIN!

Did you know:

  • by blocking blue light you get better quality sleep
  • blue light harms vision by damaging the eye retina
  • blue light suppresses melatonin  (aka ruins sleep)

Want to learn more about the comparison between eye glasses, sleep glasses and sunglasses? Click here

If you spend a lot of time scrolling on your phone and or staring at a computer screen daily, then I HIGHLY suggest getting yourself a pair of Felix Gray . You won’t regret it when you find yourself getting much better sleep at night thanks to computer glasses.

Now go have fun choosing which style Felix Gray you’re going to get!

Xx Emily