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Listen up all my ghee lovers or people who are currently lovers of butter. If you aren’t already Farm True fans , you’re about to be.

For the last few months I have made the switch from my usual ghee and Kerrygold butter to Farm True’s ghee and the flavor is AMAZING. For those who aren’t aware of what ghee is, it is clarified butter that originated in India.

Why ghee you ask?
It is ideal for cooking with high heat because of it’s flash point, it is lactose free and has numerous health benefits.

In our house we love using the Vanilla Maple Chai ghee on our toast and pancakes. The perfect combination flavors of vanilla, chai spice and maple syrup. It is a wonderful treat for my son in the morning because of his lactose intolerance, we are able to use the Vanilla Map Chai ghee to give his toast a little sweetness.

If you want to up your game when cooking steak, I highly suggest cooking with Garlic Scape ghee. The perfect flavors of garlic added instantly to your steak. My other secret to using the Garlic Scape ghee is just adding it to your toast and voila! You have what tastes just like Olive Garden garlic breadsticks.

If you want to start with a staple such as the Traditional Organic , it’s perfect for just about any kind of cooking and baking. I even add it to my coffee in the morning.

Farm True products are certified organic and hand poured. Their ghee is made from grass fed pasture raised cows.What I also love is that they are local to Connecticut (located in Stonington.)

Love ghee as much as my family and I do?
Farm True carries an amazing Lip Balm that is made from organic grass fed ghee. We used it all winter to help with chapped cheeks and lips. It worked great on my son who has super sensitive skin and he never had any issues.To see all that Farm True has to offer click here .

Xx Emily