Bedroom Gallery Wall

*Thank you Frame It Easy for sponsoring this post

Spring is finally here and thanks to Frame It Easy, I had the perfect opportunity to give my bedroom a spring refresh. There’s a large empty wall in my bedroom and I have had a few ideas on what I wanted to do. I decided on a large floor to ceiling grid gallery wall. The white frames I had custom made by Frame It Easy are the perfect fit with the current aesthetic of my bedroom.

Prepping the grid gallery wall was very simple. I measured the wall, the frames and used 1 inch spacing between each frame. To make sure the frames were perfectly even I used painters tape to outline each frame. Once the first couple frames were up, the rest was a breeze.

(The photo size for each frame is 11×14)

One of my favorite features of the frames from Frame It Easy is the ‘non-glare’ glass alternative. The matted finish looks great in my room and helps to really keep the soft look. I love a nice bright and airy look for bedrooms.

The photos are extremely easy to change out and I can’t wait to put new family photos in the frames this fall!

If you want to create your own grid gallery wall, used code EMILY for 10% off your purchase at Frame It Easy

Xx Emily