Please Don’t Feel Bad That My Son Can’t Eat That

I’m sure you’ve heard it several times whether at your child’s day care, a play group or birthday parties. So and so is allergic to _______ and cant eat ________.

Whenever I have to kindly decline a snack or birthday cake that Kenny can’t have, I always know what the person will say to me next, “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry that’s awful. Will he outgrow it? Oh I feel so bad for him.”

The truth is, yes it does suck he is allergic to eggs that are not baked in, that he’s extremely intolerant to dairy and soy. He has extreme sensitivity to foods that have too much grease (ground beef, fried foods, etc) I’ve had a lot of learning to do because I imagined kids food just being easy cut up pieces of cheese, a PB&J sandwich, a hot dog, some chicken fingers or eating whatever Joey and I are having for dinner. But now that I’ve been preparing food for Kenny the last year and a half, it’s second nature when I make him his special food. I don’t think twice about what special foods and meals I’m going to prepare him or that I will spend about 4 hours (at least) a week in the kitchen meal prepping for him. The only recent curve ball I faced was packing him lunch for camp, but just like any other situation when it comes to food, I improvised certain food items with dairy and soy free options.

I don’t want anyone to feel bad for Kenny because honestly he eats like a king and I like that Kenny isn’t exposed to dairy and soy daily. It’s not necessary, it doesn’t serve any health benefits to him and there are PLENTY of healthier options out there. Even before Kenny was born we rarely had dairy in our house or soy. We always had dairy soy alternatives or would occasionally buy cheese for charcuterie.

Kenny eats better than I do. He eats amazing foods packed with protein, fruits and veggies. He loves all different kinds of flavors and loves snacking on veggies. He lives for avocados. There are honestly so many dairy soy egg alternatives out there that he doesn’t miss out on much. Just the other night we did s’mores and I was able to get all the supplies I needed that accommodated Kenny’s dietary needs. We’ve been introduced to many amazing snacks and dips that are “Kenny safe” and have really enjoyed them over the other stuff. It’s honestly a stress relief knowing Kenny gets his recommended daily intake for fruits, veggies and protein.

So please, don’t feel bad when I have to decline a slice of cake for Kenny or when I’m telling him that he can’t eat the goldfish your kids are snacking on, because 1) I’m helping him not feel sick 2) teaching him healthy eating habits 3) he still gets to eat really yummy snacks that don’t have dairy or soy in them 😊

If you’re a mom who struggles with mom guilt because your child can’t eat certain foods or you struggle to come up with a menu to accommodate their dietary needs, feel free to message me on insta @emilyypelton , I’d love to help!

Xx Emily