BBG progress

It’s been 12 weeks since I started the BBG program through the Sweat app. No I did not eat a strict paleo diet or have these intense crazy work outs for the last 12 weeks straight. But what I did have was consistency and control back. I felt like I got my health under control for the first time since before I was pregnant. I have good weeks and bad weeks, but what BBG has taught me was to carve time for myself. As a first time mom, who also is a stay at home mom, I tend to put everyone else’s needs before mine. BBG has allowed me to have 30 min a day to focus on myself.

Over the last month I have not been working out as hard as I should because happens. I’ve been feeling run down, tired, unmotivated and losing my drive to get back in shape. So with it getting into the colder months I promised myself I wouldn’t lose focus and get lazy as we creep into winter months. I’ve refocused on staying consistent with BBG and I’ve even signed up for a couple of 3ks.

So if you’re reading this and have been in a funk, you’re not alone. Tomorrow’s a new day. Set that alarm to wake up 35 min before your household does, go to bed earlier, refocus and write your health goals down, celebrate when you achieve them, cut yourself some slack at times but don’t forget to get back on track and refocus. Remember why you started this journey to become a healthier you. My reason is for my son and to lead by example, what’s your reason?

Xx Emily